Welcome to the buffalos



We’re glad to inform you that you’re currently visiting the website of the Wild Buffalo Linedance Club. Don’t be surprised, our members are from all ranges of age because everyone is welcome, from 6 years olds to matrons, but in our souls every one of us is a 25-year-old Clint Eastwood. Our website was made mainly for our dancing community. We share our experiences, learn and practice our dances here and report from events which we had visited. If you’re interested in excellent country music, linedance and pure western spirit, then you’re at the best place! We hope that you’ll enjoy yourself just as much as we do! We welcome you to our club nights and events as well!

Our open club nights are on Fridays in Redwood, from 7 PM. Address: 1138 Budapest Váci str. 168/C.

E-mail: info et wildbuffalo dot hu

You can read more about us in the menu, where you can find the gallery and our videos. You can also find the instructions and teaching videos of the dances known by our members here.