Welcome to the buffalos



We’re pleased to inform you that you are now on Wild Buffalo Linedance Club Hungary’s website. The website was created primarily for WB-dancing community, here we share each other our dance practicing experiences, story tales of events, which took part this dancing group. Of course, if you love great country music, line dances and authentic western atmosphere, then you’re in right place! We hope, that you will feel yourself here so good as we do. We’re waiting you personally on our club evenings and events as well!

Our open club evenings be held in “Redwood” dance studio on every Friday from 19h to 22h. Address: 1138 Budapest Váci str. 168/C.

E-mail: info et wildbuffalo dot hu

With menu-links you can read more about our club, you can find there our photo and video galleries, and all the dance step sheet, which our club practicing.