The Wild Buffalo Linedance Club


Hands on a Colt, sun-bleached hat, worn-out western boots, reserved moves… This is not a scene from a movie: the cowboys and cowgirls are among us.

The members of the Wild Buffalo Linedance Club in Budapest met first in the Footloose Linedance Club. This is where we got familiar with this dance and became friends. On the summer of 2008, we decided to found a new club on our own.

The few Hungarian clubs learn dances from each other as well as from foreign teachers, enthusiastically support the outstanding Hungarian country musicians and bands, and meet weekly, polishing their knowledge. The Wild Buffalo is not only a dance club: we are a cheerful and convergent circle of friends. We gladly show and share our dance knowledge: we have fulfilled numerous invitations on both small and big events – at the end of our shows, the brave could also learn some dances from our proficient teachers.

The club’s organisational structure is dictatorial democracy: everyone contributes to the life of the community with what they are good at, what they enjoy doing.
We meet several times a week: on our club evenings we learn new dances, practice the old ones and help the newcomers catch up. If we don’t have our own shows, we happily visit the shows of other clubs or just dance on a country festival or concert.

We have not written it down, have not said it out loud yet that our club’s mission is to popularise the country music and linedance style, even though this is what we work for, since we hold both of these dear.

Our set of friends decided in 2009 that they will officially form the club, therefore founding the non-profit organisation called Vadnyugati Táncosok Egyesülete (Association of Wild West Dancers). The 20th March, 27th June, and 7th July, 2009 are all huge milestones for us, the last one is the date of the adjudication of the Court of Budapest.


The club has currently about 20 members, here is the Management (from 2019/05):

vice president
member of the board
WB KO leader

Our Dancing Club Members:



Other Honorary Club Members:

Cuca – honorary eternal club member, website coordinator

Márti – honorary club member, accounting