Wild Buffalo Linedance Club  – where the buffalos roaming. Come and learn linedance with us to country music! 🙂

Our club events (open for everybody, who wants to dance):
Date: every Friday, between 20.00-23.00h
Place: Bajor Gizi Museum – 1124 Budapest, Stromfeld Aurél str 16.

WB KO! club events (for Kisoroszi-livers and from near):
Date: every Tuesday between 18.00-21.30h
Place: Kisoroszi, Áprily Lajos Általános Iskola tornaterme – 2024 Kisoroszi, Széchenyi str. 31.

Dances for beginners:
Date: every Tuesday between 19.00-20.30h
Place: PeCsa Café – 1146 Budapest, Zichy M. str. 14.

Dances for experts (catalan evening)
Date: every Tuesday between 20.30-23.00h
Place: PeCsa Café – 1146 Budapest, Zichy M. str. 14.

Have a question? Call us or write an e-mail!
Phone: Hankó Zsuzsa vice-president +36 30/932-3593
E-mail:  info kukac wildbuffalo pont hu

You can read more about our learnt dances on club events –here–

You can find us on Facebook to!