Wild Buffalo Linedance Club – where the buffalos are dancing. Come, learn linedances with us! 🙂

Open club nights (open for everyone who wants to dance):
Time: On every Fridays from 19.00
Location: Redwood – 1138 Budapest, VĂĄci Ășt 168/C. (RĂ©nĂłudvar, at the entrance)

WB KO! club nights (for people living in and around Kisoroszi):
Time: Every Tuesdays from 18.00 to 21.30
Location: Kisoroszi, Áprily Lajos Elementary School gym – 2024 Kisoroszi, SzĂ©chenyi Ășt 31.


Do you have any question? We’ll answer it!
Email:  info et wildbuffalo dot hu

You can learn more about the dances taught on our club nights by clicking –here–!

You can also find us on Facebook!