If you’d like to learn this style of dance then come to Redwood! There are classes on every Tuesdays and Fridays from 18.00.

We are evoking the spirit of western pubs with the best country music and linedance to move men, women, children and elderly equally.

You don’t need a partner, special equipment or any form of experience to dance with us, you only need enthusiasm and a really loud “Yeehaw!”.

Equipment: if you have western boots and a hat, then don’t leave them at home! But even not owning these is not a problem, come in comfortable shoes and clothes.

The first time is free!

Tuesday and Friday between 18.00-19.00: basic steps and dances

19.00-20.00: learning easy dances
20.00-20.30: mixed cowboy dances
20.30-21.30: learning intermediate and upper-intermediate dances (Catalan)
21.30-22.00: mixed intermediate cowboy dances
19.00-22.30: Wild Buffalo Club Evening

Location: Redwood — 1138 Budapest, Váci út 168/C. (in Rénóudvar, at the entrance)

More information: CowboyTánc  ~ ask around at Redwood or in email! — info et cowboytanc dot hu